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Premium Tea and Beverage Materials
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85C Uji Matcha Powder [1KG]

85C Uji Matcha Powder [1KG]

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About the Product
  • 85C Uji Matcha Milk Tea is made from premium materials imported Taiwan
  • 85C’s own milk tea powder blend, our Uji Matcha Milk Tea powder is tastier and creamier compared to other brands
  • Each Kilo can make around 40 16oz cup of milk tea

Mixing Suggestions:

  1. Stir 4-5 TBPS of Tea Powder inside shaker and dilute with a little hot water
  2. Add 100cc ice
  3. Fill cup up with water
  4. Shake well
  5. Put tapioca/ kanten jelly in glass or cup then pour milk tea then fill with ice

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